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Tensions on the rise between Haitians and Dominicans in Pedernales

Tensions on the rise between Haitians and Dominicans in Pedernales

Minister of Interior and Police Carlos Amarante said a contingent of National Police and army agents were sent to Pedernales to reinforce security in that city in response to a video circulating on social media motivating the population to forcibly expel Haitians living in the area in revenge for murders of a three Dominicans in which Haitians are being accused of having committed the crimes. He said the border security agency Cesfront and the Army are working to suppress the upsurge in violence the province.

According to the Mayor of Pedernales, Luis Manual Feliz, a “disco light” vehicle carrying unknown persons travelled throughout all of Pedernales announcing on loud speakers that Haitians had 24 hours to leave or face violent actions against them.

The Mayor has asked that President Medina and Foreign Minister Vargas as yesterday to intervene in the crisis. Amarante reported that on Monday, 12 March 2018, two Haitians who were attacked and injured and are being treated at a local hospital.

At the same time, dozens of people protested in front of the Public Prosecution office, the police station and military stations demanding justice for the murders of farmer Julio Reyes Pérez and his wife Neiba Féliz Urbáez who were attacked with machetes. Haitians are the lead suspects. Julio Reyes is a close relative of former senator for Pedernales, Angel Dignocrates Pérez.

The couple was attacked on 20 February 2018. Reyes Perez died at the scene of the attack. On Sunday, 10 March, his wife, Neiba died from her injuries while being treated in the intensive care unit in the Ney Arias Lora hospital in Santo Domingo.

Another murder attributed to Haitians is that of 26-year old Turbí Díaz whose body was found in the Oviedo garbage dump.

The demonstrators carried placards asking for justice saying that the crimes were carried out by Haitians who then fled across the border.

Yesterday, Monday 12 March, Haitians were seen leaving the city to avoid acts of revenge by Dominicans.

Interior and Police Minister Amarante said local authorities are in touch with Haitian authorities for the arrest in Haiti of the lead suspects in the crimes.

Source: DR1, Listindiario

March 13, 2018

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