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SAFEX: a pyrotechnical non explosive product for rock and concrete breaking / demolition

Specifications of SAFEX TM

  • Safex is not an explosive: It is categorized as “articles pyrotechnic for technical purposes.”
  • The detonation velocity (40-60 m/sec) and detonation pressure (0,14 atm.) of Safex are very low .
  • (The values of 3000-8000 m/sec. Are an average for conventional explosives.)
  • Safex creates a controlled demolition.
  • Minimal vibration and shock waves
  • No over pressure
  • Minimal fly rock and dust.

Where to use SAFEX TM

  • Exploration work
  • Operational mining
  • Road construction and expansion projects
  • Excavation and housing sites
  • Mass excavation
  • Controlled interior demolition
  • Dimension Stone quarries
  • Boulder breaking and oversize reduction
  • Trenching
  • Tunneling and shaft sinking
  • Underwater rock and concrete demolition
  • Demolition of reinforced or mass concrete>
  • Silo clearing , rat hole opening

For more information contact us:

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Pool Construction

Pool construction – various shapes, modern technology, long lasting paint, mozaik, tiling etc. Price depends on your needs. Ask for a quote

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Driveway cobblestones

Driveway cobblestones, paving stones, blocks and slabs, all colors and shapes

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Full Construction Services on the North Coast

With over thirty years of experience building luxury, mid-market and budget homes throughout the north coast of the Dominican Republic and Belgium we have an uncompromising commitment to quality. We have constructed houses and apartments ranging from luxury ocean front homes to affordable homes. Whatever the budget and specification the the emphasis is always on quality whilst ensuring that the client’s requirements are met or exceeded. We add value throughout the design, planning/permitting and construction phases with our detailed knowledge and experience of the many technical, environmental and planning challenges that can impact a project. We offer solutions from the traditional general contractor role through to a full design and build furnished residence.

Our services:

- Construction
- Project Management
- Pool Construction
- Interior & Exterior Design
- Landscaping
- Remodelling & Renovation

Contact us to get a quote.

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Handy man: Plumber Electrician Maintenance

We carry out all types of maintenance work in and around your home. Plumbing, electrical work, pool maintenance, gardening, small construction projects and more… Contact us to get a free quote.

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Well Drilling

If you are sick of relying on water from the cit, then let us dig you a well. We can assist in all aspects – finding the best water location, creating well, installing pipes, pumps, cables etc.

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Tar paper roofing

If you need to apply or seal roof surfaces, then our specialists can handle this for you.

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