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Women in postnatal care share a bed at Puerto Plata public hospital

PUERTO PLATA.- Due to the undeniable precariousness that remains latent in the main hospital in the province of Puerto Plata, it has reached the level that in the maternity department, the same bed is shared by two women who have just given a birth.

Citizens  indicated that the situation of the Ricardo Limardo University Hospital is so grotesque, that inexplicably the number of beds for hospitalization of patients has been reduced, despite the fact that said health center is regional.

A source of full credit, revealed to this editor that the Haitian patients have invaded the local hospital, to the point that they outnumber the Dominican women, since around 10 foreigners who gave birth this weekend, two women had to be put in the same bed.

It is noted that the state of the maternity area in Ricardo Limardo, is so drastic that due to the large number of Haitian women, one of them gave birth on Sunday and did not even have the clothes to dress her baby.

In this regard, several citizens called on the Public Health authorities to take action on the matter because, according to Mrs. Cleria Lantigua, a cousin gave birth to her baby in the hospital of Puerto Plata and they laid her on the same bed with a Haitian parturient who came from her country to give birth in Dominican territory.

Also the young Elizabeth Almonte regretted the current situation at the public hospital in Puerto Plata where hundreds of people daily can not afford a private health center and because of the need they go there where they only receive the good will of doctors and nurses, because there are no medications either.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

Dec 7, 2017

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