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Warning Foreigners! Dominican Republic gradually eats you up!

Warning Foreigners! Dominican Republic gradually eats you up!

Photo: a school of piranha (source: Piranha 3D).

You might have heard the joke – “How do you make a million dollars in the DR? – Bring three!” Well, it’s not just a joke. With nearly a decade of being here, and being fully engaged in business, I’ve made some interesting yet sad observations about how most foreigners are either quickly or gradually losing their net worth.

Building a business is like building a bridge, and the solid pillars of this bridge are the honest, hardworking, committed, and loyal people that we hire, train, retain and promote. And the protection that this bridge can stay intact even when challenged, is the laws and corporate rights that every business owner has within a transparent system that cares not about your nationality, sex, age or wealth, but instead about whether you operated ethically within the current laws (which should be equal to anyone in business). But what then happens if we try to build a successful business as a foreigner in the Dominican republic, where even Judges side with their own countrymen, even when the case and evidence is so clear that the Dominican is scamming you “the Employer”, where the entire system is designed in such way, that it’s made to rob foreigners, giving greedy lawyers free range to prosecute and greedily assist the system to seize property, extort you, arrest and jail you if you don’t pay up, even after you’ve already been heavily victimized!

We can all handle when things are going smooth here in the DR, then it feels like a fun and beautiful place to be, yet that can change in a heartbeat, as the moment there’s an accident, a dispute, a fight, a disagreement etc… then have you noticed how 99% of Dominicans take zero responsibility and they put on a big drama or try to slip away? How on earth is it possible for a “people” to end up acting is this disgusting and corrupt way? Well, if they know they can wriggle out of paying and accepting fault in any situation, because they realize they will be backed by any Dominican witness, by corrupt police, a corrupt lawyer and a corrupt Judge, then it’s just so much more tempting to screw over the Gringo and laugh it off at home, while together with their countrymen, developing some kind of sick pride of being part of a totally corrupt system, even though this irresponsible behavior has just destroyed a Gringo’s family, business, relationship, economy, safety etc… Totally sick but true!

So what does this mean for us Gringos’? Well, even though we after many financial knocks learn to prevent most insane crap that can happen to us here, then life here will eventually deal us enough bad financial punches over time, that we gradually will keep shrinking in our net-worth or end up broke, as after all we are surrounded by Dominicans being in their country and totally corrupt system. Staying here whether we’re naive or not, is like swimming among piranhas – sooner or later some will get some good bites out of us, and then they all come running!

Even if there is a unique 1% of Gringo’s that somehow manage to build a profitable business by having some system of paying off lots of amigos and Police for Protection, then once the Dominican authorities get wind of their success, then it’s just a matter of time before the Gringo gets shut down or deported (often with the business and property being robbed off him/her) – totally insane and disgusting but we’ve seen it again and again. When we foreigners see a “Golden Goose” we think of how we can care for it so it will keep laying more and bigger golden eggs – where on the other hand, 99% of Dominicans will always just want to carve that goose up ASAP not caring one little bit about what or who they destroy in the Process, or how it could have served so many long-term – and unfortunately such behavior has sadly become the Culture of most Dominicans – to “LIE – STEAL – CHEAT – LET YOU DOWN and SCREW YOU OVER”

Even large mining companies who invest multi millions, get forced down on their knees to either take less profit or sell out with huge losses. Welcome to the DR!

The proverb goes – “Fight or Flight!” – Well if the Dominican Republic is totally corrupt from top to bottom, how can we fight that?

Only if all the foreigners packed up at once and left the DR, would the vultures start thinking about actually being productive and responsible in life, yet I never see that happening.

Oh, let’s not forget how the Dominicans mistreat the Haitians, but that’s a longer chapter again! Dominican society heavily lacks in “consequence” being placed on them for unethical/irresponsible behavior, disrespect towards foreigners whether tourists, expats, investors and their Haitian Neighbors – Most of them are so far behind in their beliefs, that they think they are ahead of the rest of the world – wow they must get a culture shock when they make it overseas where laws actually mean something!

Some helpful proverbs to remember:

“Soy Blanco, No un Banco!!!”

“If the fish stinks, it stinks from the head down!”

“Good plants don’t survive in poisonous soil.” Happy travels!

“You can always tell the character of a person, by how they treat those who can do nothing for them or to them!”

Author: Anonymous

June 18, 2017

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