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Vacationers want refund from Sunwing after problem-plagued Dominican Republic holiday

A Winnipeg couple who endured power outages, plumbing problems, loud buzzing in their room and even a fire at a Dominican Republic resort are hoping for a full refund from Sunwing Vacations months after the company ended its relationship with the resort.

“I expected the resort to to be much like we’ve had before, but in this case, it wasn’t. I guess the discount was because it was crappy. Crappy conditions,” said John Dzioba.

Dzioba and his wife, Betty, booked 14 nights at Playa Dorada Beach Resort in Puerto Plata in February 2017 for $3,700. At that price, they weren’t expecting luxury, but they were expecting the basics such as running water and electricity.

From the moment they checked in, they were plagued by problems in their suite, including a late-night fire that knocked out a generator in a nearby building, ongoing power outages, toilets that didn’t flush and loud buzzing in their room.

“The flames were shooting,” Betty Dzioba said. “And like, there’s nobody coming around, nothing — no smoke alarms or explanations from staff.”

The power intermittently cut out before that, but after the fire, the power supply was like a “yo-yo,” the Dziobas said.

“Air conditioners were going up and down, electricity was popping up and down,” John Dzioba said.

“There was no water,” his wife said. “You could flush the toilet once after the power went out and that’s it — you had no more water.”

Eating by phone light

At the restaurant, resort guests dined not by candlelight, but by the light of phones. When the Dziobas peered into the kitchen, they saw staff trying to prepare the buffet with flashlights.

The lack of light also made it dangerous to get around, John Dzioba said.

“It’s pretty pitch black,” he said. “You couldn’t walk at night when the lights were out.”

The pool was murky and dirty, which the couple believes was the result of the power issues.

“I never did go for a swim,” he said.

When there was power, there was the strange buzzing from the power box in their room, which made it difficult to sleep.

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Oct 5, 2017

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