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Update: The murder of two broadcasters in San Pedro de Macorís

The high-ranking government commission appointed by President Danilo Medina to investigate the murder of two broadcasters in San Pedro de Macorís concluded that the State Sugar Council (CEA) should be held responsible for three deaths, as reported in MetroRD. The murders happened on 14 and 15 February 2017, when enraged José Rodríguez barged in on the broadcasters who were at the radio station that is located in a city shopping mall. The Police reported that Rodríguez committed suicide from accosted by the Police.

In a press conference on Wednesday, 1 March 2017, legal advisor to the President Flavio Darío Espinal read from the commission report: “What can be said is that José Rodríguez was a victim of an obscure dysfunctional system, questionable from an ethics perspective, that operates in the State Sugar Council (CEA), causing him an enormous frustration, anxiety and desperation that unleashed the rage that caused the tragic deaths of Leo Martínez and Luis Medina and his own death, and the serious injuries to Dayana García.”

The investigation revealed that Rodríguez had been negotiating for two years with the CEA and had paid RD$627,739 for the land in San Pedro de Macorís, only to discover that the government entity would maneuver and renegotiate the same property and when Rodríguez demanded the money he had paid, he only received RD$119,000.

On the day of the crime, Rodríguez had demanded the missing cash and when he did not receive a satisfactory response from Leo Martínez, who had served as mediator between himself and the CEA, filled with rage he opened fire against the three persons that were in the radio station where Leo Martínez worked.

The commission prepared a 24-page chronological summary of the events leading to the murder of the two broadcasters.

Espinal said that the commission has recommended an overhaul of the management of the CEA (that had already taken place), removal of the eastern regional director of the CEA, and the intervening of the CEA departments that deal with the sale of property to third parties. Changes in the directors for Boca Chica and Hato Nuevo are recommended.

An assessment of the administrative staff to determine if these have the necessary skills and if not proceed with their cancellations is also recommended. The commission also recommends a purge of all staff that does not carry out any valuable role.

It also recommends that the CEA receive budget allotments so not to depend on the sale of property to avoid more corrupt acts.

The commission recommended giving six months to the commission that is assessing the CEA property to complete the land inventory.

The commission also delegates in the Attorney General Office determining if any CEA officer should be sent to justice.

In addition to legal advisor Flavio Darío Espinal, the other members of the commission are the director of the Permanent Commission for State Land Titling José Dantes and the director of Government Ethics and Integrity, Lidio Cadet.

Source: DR1, Presidencia

Mar 2, 2017

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