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Update: 16-year old Emely Peguro subjected to criminal abortion

According to the charge sheet from the Public Prosecution Service, 20-year old Marlon Martinez is the lead suspect in the murder of 16-year old Emely Peguero. The file mentions Marlon Martínez as the lead suspect in the acts of barbarian torture against Peguero after she refused to abort their five-month old unborn child. The file does not mention the name of a physician that is supposed to have also intervened in the forceful abortion.
As stated in El Dia newspaper, Martínez tricked the girl into going to his mother’s apartment, on the pretext of going to collect some medical results. The prosecutors’ file states that once there he physically and psychological submitted her to acts of torture and barbarity to mutilate the five-month old baby.

The authorities accuse him of aggravated homicide and/or murder, while his mother, Marlin Martínez is accused of being an accessory to aggravated homicide and/or murder against Emely Peguero. Both are serving pre-trial custody in Santiago.

A report in El Dia explains that the mother, Marlin Martínez tried to erase evidence of the crime and later would ask the concierge of the building where she lived, Lorenzo Jiménez de Jesus, to let her see the surveillance videos that showed when Marlon and Emely had arrived to the apartment and when Marlon left dragging a heavy sack that presumably contained the body of Emely. Martinez reportedly returned to the apartment about half an hour later.

The prosecutors’ file (which El Dia has obtained a copy of) states that Peguero had a parentally-consented relationship with Marlon Martinez for over two years that had led to her pregnancy.

It goes on to say that on 19 August 2017, she had a positive pregnancy test, and while her boyfriend wanted her to have an abortion, she instead decided to keep the child. She then went with her mother, Adalgisa Polanco to the National Medical Center where tests with physician Anny Lissette Taveras showed the pregnancy was proceeding normally. Dr. Taveras denied having anything to do with the abortion and said she attended to the patient with her mother at her medical office, and prescribed tests for Friday, but the patient never returned. Instead, it was her fatal day.

According to the forensic report from the National Institute of Forensic Science (INACIF), Emely died from internal hemorrhaging of the uterus due to an attempted abortion and blows to the head causing a skull fracture, while she was still alive. The report goes on to say that the remains of the fetus were still inside Emely with contusions to the neck of the womb and the vaginal canal, along with a perforated uterus showing great force was used in this area.

A high level commission created by the Attorney General Jean Rodriguez continues to investigate the case to see if other persons may be implicated.

Marlin Martínez at the time was deputy director of the Passports Office based in San Francisco de Macorís. She was later removed from the position.

Source: DR1, Eldia

Sep 9, 2017

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