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The Odebrecht scandal inmates so far are

The wife of accused commercial representative of Odebrecht, Ángel Rondón and their sons were at La Victoria Jail on Thursday, 8 June 2017, a day after Rondón was ordered to preventive detention for a year, to check out the conditions of the space where Rondón will be detained.

The media reports that he will have a bathroom for himself in an air-conditioned second floor office space reportedly being habilitated for Rondón. During the visit, the wife was accompanied by lawyer Rafael Ureña who during the Odebrecht case has represented Ruddy González and his said to be a personal friend of the family.

During the hearings, Rondón has gone on record saying he received a similar sum of US$92 million from Odebrecht, but that this was for his services as a lobbyist.

Likewise, Diario Libre reported that air-conditioned cells are being prepared at Najayo jail to receive others accused in the Odebrecht corruption case. The newspaper says that new tiling is being placed in bathrooms that will be exclusive for the new inmates, and there are repairs of walls, paint job, plumbing, electrical installation, telephone and cable TV installations, as well as new beds. Diario Libre says that the inmates will not be using the usual bunk beds.

The Odebrecht scandal inmates so far: former Minister of Public Works Víctor Díaz Rúa, his lawyer Conrad Pittaluga, the president of the PRM opposition party, Andrés Bautista; the Minister of Industry and Commerce Temístocles Montás, former deputy Ruddy González; former CDE director general César Sánchez and former director of EgeHID Máximo De Óleo.

Source: DR1, Listindiario

June 10, 2017

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