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The Immigration department is carrying out raids grabbing tourists and residents in Sosua and Cabarete

Cabarete – Inspectors from the General Directorate of Migration (DGM) in this northern coastal town, made an extensive operation Thursday (Feb 2, 2017) at different locations, where they apprehended dozens of foreigners of different nationalities for being in the country illegally.

Although the authorities have not offered more details, in a photo provided to Diario Libre it can be verified that several people of different nationalities at the time were being transferred to the local headquarters of the DGM.

The operation took place in the center of Cabarete, where people from the United States, Canada, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, and others frequent.

The obtained information indicates that the operation spread to other localities of this tourist province.

SosĂșa.- Dozens of tourists were taken without compassion this morning (Feb 2) by a military contingent commanded by agents of the General Directorate of Migration.

Near the middle of the day one could observe how several elderly couples of about 70 years of age were captured by Migration agents, at the time they were coming out of the Supermarket Pola with provisions. Without giving them an opportunity to prove that they were tourists and that their documents had been left stored in the hotels where they were staying. This is an outrageous act against these people who come for vacation to Sosua and Cabarete. Some were seized together with their rented vehicles.

People in the area say that this is not only an arbitrary measure, but also a damage to our city as a tourist destination, since most tourists who come for vacation, keep their documents in a safe by guidance of companies and own authorities of their respective countries, to avoid losing them or becoming a victim of robbery, nevertheless now the authorities can seize them without giving an opportunity to demonstrate that they are not violating any laws.

Source: DiarioLibre, Detras del Rumor

Feb 2, 2017

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  1. jmoreus177

    I think we should all leave and take our money with us and watch them lose 40% of their income source. I’m not going to town for several days and not spending money in the restaurants and bars, barber shops and dentists.They’re shooting themselves in the foot and now people will stop vacationing here. Duh!

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