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Survivor of the tragedy of the Regina Express asks the judicial authorities to make known sentence on the case

PUERTO PLATA. – One of the survivors of the tragedy of the boat Regina Express where 22 Dominicans stowaways died on September 6, 1980, demanded of the judicial authorities in Santo Domingo, to deliver the sentence on said case.

When talking with the editor at his residence in the municipality of Luperon, citizen Abel Alvarez Reynoso, said that they were 12 people in total that could be alive. This incident has no comparison in the history of the country, which is still waiting for the compensation from the company that owns the vessel.

Álvarez Reynoso revealed that the Cuban company Babous, owner of the freighter “Regina Express” of Panamanian license plate, after being condemned by an international court, allegedly made a deposit in Euros, with the purpose of delivering them to the survivors as a compensation which never happened.

He recalled that the tragedy occurred 37 years ago, shocked the Dominican Republic after there were discovered the asphyxiated bodies of twenty-two young people who wanted to travel to the United States clandestinely hidden in the hold of the mentioned Panamanian freighter.

The tragedy of the Regina Express occurred when the sailors of the freighter, before the inspection being carried out by the port authorities of Santo Domingo, who suspected illegal traffic to Miami, in a criminal action filled the ballast tank with water, which caused the death of the people hiding in that place.

According to the official version, it was established that the 32 men who were traveling as stowaways had to pay the sum of two hundred dollars each to be smuggled into US territory, where they thought they could work and make their way more easily than in our country.

The journalistic chronicles of that moment, affirmed that the inspection of the authorities passed unnoticed, since the entrance by where the undocumented ones had been introduced was hermetically closed with screws.

Human smuggling was not discovered until the authorities were ready to get off the ship about to set sail, when they suddenly noticed how much water splashed with blood and foam was coming out of the vessel’s tank, which alerted the inspectors and discovered the horror.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

Nov 5, 2017

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