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Sosua gets flooded again as a result of heavy downpours

It seems a repetition of the heavy rain showers of October and November last year. Again, it’s been raining for several consecutive days and followed by major flooding. During the rains almost every street of Sosúa is inundated, sometimes up to two feet deep as it happened in the street Calle Ayuntamiento. The new wells opposite the Rumba Bar and Bar Central seem to work good as the rainwater disappears fast. But in the other neighborhoods like Maranatha, La Unión, and Los Castillos the people once again are suffering a lot from the flooding.

Sosúa River busted its banks causing the water to flood several houses. Because the river has been dredged and the obstacles like trash and fallen trees have been removed, the after rain effect it is not as bad as it was. Volunteers of the civil guard offer help where it’s possible – bringing furniture to dry spots and handing out dry clothing. According to the forecasts, the rain storm will continue until Monday. Then the sun, as promised will break through again.

Source: Sosua News

Mar 25, 2017

More videos and pictures of Sosua floods view here: Turistas y locales caen y se golpean en un peligroso hoyo que ayer se generó

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