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Request for resignation of President Medina not well received

A group of intellectuals, academics and social activists are circulating a manifest in which they call for the resignation of President Danilo Medina in response to the crisis that in their judgment is affecting the Dominican Republic following the confirmation of Odebrecht bribes paid to government officials after legal documents were unsealed in a New York City court. Eight individuals accused of accepting bribes are currently in pre-trial custody.

The manifest calls for the installation of a transition government to organize a new presidential, legislative and municipal elections in a year.  The manifest says President Medina was illegally elected when he violated the Constitution, the electoral laws using bribes and overpricing of public works contracted to the Mafiosi transnational Odebrecht.

The credibility of the manifest, nevertheless, was eroded when sociologist Cesar Perez denied having authorized the use of his name on the document. Likewise, activist Gnosis Rivera and university professor Ricardo Ripoll denied having given permission to be cited as signatories on the document. Cesar Perez said the document could serve as a distraction rather than an instrument for political reform inspired by the growing Green March Movement that has called for an end to administrative corruption and impunity.

The Dominican Constitution establishes that in the case of the death, removal or resignation of the President he will be replaced by the Vice President. If both are unable to serve, the control of the government passes to the president of the Supreme Court of Justice who was named by a council where the ruling PLD party prevailed. In addition, the Congress in the Dominican Republic is controlled by the ruling PLD party.

Regardless, there seem to be more reactions against the proposal than in favor of it. The president of the Dominican Alliance against Corruption (Adocco), Julio Cesar de la Rosa Tiburcio, said that the request contributes nothing to the strengthening of democracy in the country. He said it could set off a situation of instability that no one desires. “We recommend the politicians that make this kind of request wait for the 2020 election to change the current government” he said when interviewed by El Dia.

Commenting on the manifesto, the president of the Central Electoral Board (JCE), Julio Castaños Guzmán, spoke catastrophically about the request for the resignation of President Medina. He said that President Danilo Medina is a President freely elected by the popular vote. His status of an official elected by a majority of votes is not in question and any person who attempts to nullify the choice of the people will likely generate a counteraction that will cause alarm in the populace that will reverberate within the country for generations.

Castaños said he would never as president of the JCE organize an election as an outcome of a situation as proposed.  He said the proponents should revoke the petition to avoid doing a popular ridicule.

Responding to the manifest, the legal advisor of the Presidency, Flavio Darío Espinal, said the proposal has no political or legal validity that the President resign when the general election will be held in three years.

An editorial in Diario Libre observes the arrogance of the document and how it has worked in the favor of the Medina administration.

Source: DR1, El Dia

June 22, 2017

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