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Remembering the revolution of April 24 – Invasion of US troops

On 24 April 1965, young military officers rose in revolt in the Dominican Republic for the restoration of the democratically-elected government. Four days later US troops invaded the country. It was the first US military intervention in Latin America in more than three decades. Juan Bosch was overthrown in September 1963, and the de facto government that replaced him reportedly indulged in an orgy of corruption and suppressed all social reforms and did allow for free elections.

When the young officers rebelled on 24 April 1965, and announced that they would return Bosch to the presidency, the population responded with relief and enthusiasm.

The president of the Historical Commission, Juan Daniel Balcácer announced a series of ceremonies to celebrate the day with floral offerings starting at 9 am, followed by a mass and finishing with a floral offering at the statue of president Caamaño at 11:30am.

Source: DR1, DiarioLibre

Apr 25, 2017

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