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President of the Dominican Association of Tourism Press (ADOMPRETUR) considers unacceptable the fee of $10 dollars to view newly appeared beach in Sosua

PUERTO PLATA .- The president of the Dominican Tourist Press Association (ADOMPRETUR), Luis José Chávez, considered it unacceptable to claim a fee of $ 10 from accredited journalists who try to take photographs or videotape of the new beach that emerged behind Hotel Piergiorgio in Sosúa.

“While it is true that a private establishment has the right to establish rules and limits for the public to use its facilities, it is very questionable that it intends to impose a tribute so that the journalists have to pay that fee as well in order to do their job as informants. This case  has awakened a remarkable interest inside and outside the country, “says Chavez.

The president of ADOMPRETUR said that the attitude is much more incomprehensible if it is taken into account that in addition to serving information of public interest, journalists would be helping to project the tourist destination of Sosúa and promote the business that closes its doors.

However, it considered reasonable for the establishment’s management to set up certain restrictions for the general public’s access to the hotel, to guarantee the tranquility, safety and quality service to its guests and customers.

In this sense, he understands that the Municipality of Sosúa should consider the qualification of an access route to the coast of La Puntilla, consistent with the mandate of Article 15 of the Constitution of the Dominican Republic which provides that “rivers, lakes, lagoons, national beaches and coasts belong to the public domain and are freely accessible, always respecting the right of private property. ”

Among the communicators who have publicly complained about the limitations imposed on the coverage of Piergiorgio’s La Puntilla phenomenon in Sosua are Hugo Gomez Guzman of Puerto Plata, Santiago Junior Saint Hilaire, Santiago, and Felix Corona, Sosúa, all are with a recognized journalistic background in the country.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital, NPN

May 9, 2017

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