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Predatory fishing practices threaten Samana

Two important banks for fish reproduction in the Bay of Samana and the Bay of San Lorenzo are under a pitiless attack by unscrupulous fishermen who have settled in Los Haitises in tents with their families. These predators of the marine resources are using illegal fishing methods to trap both large and small fish and interrupting the reproductive cycle.

The Ministry of Environment reports that extraordinary efforts are underway to end to these practices, but the invaders work during the night to evade surveillance by the authorities that are reportedly just two men with a shotgun.

One method, called “the mixer”, has been called a terrible crime by Luis Lopez, who is the administrator for the eastern part of the Los Haitises National Park. He explained to reporters from Diario Libre that he is working day and night to put an end to these predatory practices and that equipment will be seized and the persons responsible for these practices will be arrested.

An unfortunate side effect of this small invasion by fishermen and their families has been the arrival of domestic animals, including dogs, cats and chickens that are threatening the ecological balance of this very fragile system. The article also notices that local Haitians are fishing native species in the local rivers, something that is also leading to an ecological imbalance.

Source: DR1, DiarioLibre

July 27, 2017

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