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Political opposition is almost nonexistent in DR

Political analyst Rosario Espinal says that despite the waning popularity of the ruling Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) that has enjoyed so many years in power, despite the many cases of corruption, including the Odebrecht scandal, the PLD does not yet have real competition. She said that there is yet to come about an opposition party or charismatic leader that could claim the needed 50% of the vote in an election.

Espinal teaches political sociology at Temple University in Philadelphia, USA. In an interview for La Super 7 en la Mañana on 107.7FM said that the Dominican opposition lacks legitimacy and calling ability before society. “The opposition is very fragmented, there are only personal projects that do not enjoy wide appeal in the general populace,” she stated. She explained the focus on individual political projects has not permitted the advancing of the PRM opposition party with the continuing impasse between the two factions of Hipólito Mejia and Luis Abinader. She said the other parties are miniscule parties organized around a person or a family.

She commented that the anti-corruption movement, Green March, had been successful because it has mobilized the middle class that is justifiably disgusted with all the corruption and impunity in the country. Espinal recommended the Green March leaders connect with popular sectors to expand and gain strength in order to achieve the needed changes in the state.

She said the ruling PLD and the government are under a lot of pressure as a result of the corruption scandals that undoubtedly affect its principle leaders, including President of the Republic Danilo Medina and former President Leonel Fernandez.

“In the case of the PLD, the party has a great challenge ahead because it needs to make choices. The PLD is a party frozen in time, where two leaders that have been important for a long time, one displaced the other, and the other wants to make a comeback and they are going at each other, but the party has to welcome new ideas, new candidates and leaders, because to return to the past will be an uphill and fruitless venture,” she observed.

Espinal said that more important than the Bill of Political Parties is the Electoral Regime Bill that should be debated first because it establishes the rules of the game. She said the key issues in both bills are the public and private financing of campaigns so that donations to politicians will be transparent. In the Dominican Republic none of the parties are interested in transparency, she said.

Source: DR1, 7dias

May 6, 2017

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