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Police have set profiles of what many criminals wear

A feature in Listín Diario, published on 27 June 2017, observes that many young people involved in the world of crime wear status symbols such as brand name sneakers, baseball hats and other expensive items. The reporters say that when identifying crime suspects, the Police are taking notice of what people are wearing, especially when they seem to be far too expensive for the family or the individual’s income.

It turns out that the Police have set profiles of what many criminals wear. These profiles make it more likely a person may be detained and questioned, especially in the poorer neighborhoods.

The most popular sneakers are the brands of Jordan, Nike, Adidas, Reebok and Puma, with Jordan being the most popular with prices from RD$11,000 up to RD$25,000. A Jordan baseball cap costs from RD$1,500 to RD$3,500. In addition to expensive sneakers and baseball caps, the police are on the lookout for tattoos, unusual haircuts, and the use certain street slang. A young person could spend upwards of RD$50,000 to achieve that total urban mod look.

The feature says that store vendors never ask where the customer got the money to be able to afford the expensive goods.

Source: DR1, Listindiario

June 30, 2017

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