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Petition to ban the use of plastic bags in Dominican Republic

The board behind the organization has sent a petition to Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Francisco Dominguez Brito. In this petition they make a call to ban the use of plastic packing material, and in particular the use of plastic bags. Whatever you purchase in a supermarket in Sosúa, it is normally packed abundantly in plastic bags. You often come home with three to five bags. Also at the beach, food is offered in plastic boxes. After the weekend the cleaning crews have to clean the beach of excessive amount of plastic. Part of this plastic garbage ends up in the landfill near La Unión. But most of it gets flushed into the rivers and the ocean. The Sosúa river which flows into the ocean near Charamicos must be dredged regularly and cleaned off a lot of plastic. Plastic has formed enormous garbage patches in the oceans. It has dramatic effects on animal life in the oceans. For example, plastic is found in the intestines of many fish.

In some countries, supply of free plastic bags has been banned, such as Senegal, Ireland, England, Australia, France, China, and Germany. The activist group calls to sign the petition on their website. The petition wants to ban the use of plastic bags in the Dominican Republic. Sign up!

Source: Sosua News

Nov 23, 2017

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