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Panhandlers harassment escalates in Santo Domingo

After a window wiper destroyed the back window of the vehicle of a TV actress, the media has taken up the case of the threat to safety posed by the panhandlers that are cleaning windshields in violation of transit laws. Some of these individuals are aggressive and pose a serious threat to public safety.

Venezuelan actress Beba Rojas, formerly with Venevision but now living in Santo Domingo, was the latest known victim. While she was riding with her 7-year old son, in a car driven by her husband, the windshield cleaners reacted violently when the couple refused to tip the individual. The windshield cleaner threw a metallic object at the back window, causing the glass to break. Rojas said the assailant was a teenager.

The media focused on how windshield cleaners are becoming more brazen everyday as authorities look the other way.

Another TV personality, Ivonne Beras, also reported being threatened by a street vendor. Zoila Luna in her Solo para Mujeres radio talk show observed that the panhandlers have instituted a “toll” for those using regular routes.

She called for National District Mayor David Collado to intervene and stop this street harassment situation before it gets any further out of control.

Source: DR1, DiarioLibre

June 30, 2017

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