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New traffic law can make public transport more expensive

The new traffic law (63-17) approved by the central government recently, has a major impact on public transport. The taxi line services (taxi publico) are now allowed to carry only four passengers. One person next to the driver and three people in the back. Previously, it was 6 to 7 people, two people next to the driver and four in the back. In minibuses up to 40 people were transported. Now it will be only 29 people. The transport unions fear that rates will have to increase by 50%. They ask the government to implement these changes in stages over two years. Currently, there are some 33,000 drivers working in public transport. About 600,000 families depend on the income from public transport. More than 2 million people use public transport every day to get to school and work.

The unions fear that many families will not be able to afford the increased transport costs and thus many drivers will lose their jobs.

Source: Sosua News

July 13, 2017

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