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New school uniform, manufacturers protest too quick change

The Ministry of Education has announced the change of the public school children uniform. Starting next year public school students are scheduled to wear polo shirts with colors that identify their school region instead of the blue shirts. The pants will continue to be khaki colored.

The students of the Central Cibao region will wear wine red shirts; those of Cibao Norte, golden yellow; those of the south, turquoise blue; those of the east, green and those of the metropolitan area (Greater Santo Domingo) will be royal blue.

Navarro said that each public school student will receive two polo shirts.

The Ministry announced the government will invest RD$639.5 million in the shirts for the public school children. The polo shirts will replace the light blue-buttoned shirt that for years public school children have worn.

The Minister Andrés Navarro said the new poloshirts are designed with high standards of quality, resistance to wear and feature an ergonometric design to ensure the comfort of the children and teenagers. The polo shirts are 50% cotton, 50% polyester.

Tenders will be held for the polo shirts. These will be open to the micro, small and medium-sized companies for 1,192,860 polo shirts and another for big companies for 2,199,25.

Meanwhile, public school uniform manufacturers called for a longer time in which to sell the inventories prior to the introduction of the new uniforms. While many school children receive free uniforms, others are sold in major stores nationwide.

The request for more time prior to the new order is made by the Association of Textile Industries of the Cibao and Norte (Asitec), the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Textile Factoreis (Apymetex) and the Asociation of Dominican Textile Plants (Asotedom) who requested more time to sell out their inventories. The companies complain they had made major investments in order to produce the school uniform shirts for the government program in addition to the need to sell out the present inventories.

Source: DR1, Listindiario

Nov 7, 2017

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