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More on the aircraft that crashed in Venezuela, killing two

Defense Minister Ruben DarĂ­o Paulino Sem said on Friday, 29 September 2017 that there were two aircraft and not one that departed from Dominican airports on 25 September with flight plans to Venezuela. Paulino Sem said that in one of the aircraft, now under investigation, traces of cocaine were found. Details on the second aircraft have not been given.

The authorities at the La Romana International Airport identified the two pilots of the Aero Commander as Dominican pilot Avelino Astacio Santana, and copilot Diego Armando Leon Rivera, of Colombian nationality. The authorities said that the AC-50, registration HI-560 presented a flight plan for Maracaibo, Venezuela. The plane had been parked at the La Romana airport from where it had arrived five days before from the Aeropuerto International La Isabela (AILI).

As reported, the aircraft had crashlanded in Venezuela, killing two people that reportedly were lighting the way for the clandestine landing. Those who flew in on the plane, including the pilots, fled the scene.

Diario Libre says their sources reveal that the investigation into the flight and crash has already led to the arrest of 10 persons – all are employees at the AILI and LRM airports.

Brigade General Aracenis Castillo de la Cruz, director of Specialized Corps for Airport and Civil Aviation Security (CESAC), in turn said the pilots filed a flight plan for Caracas, Venezuela. He did not reveal details of the occupants of the plane. There is speculation the airplane transported a person who has a judicial case pending in the Dominican Republic.

Authorities continue to investigate who were aboard the Aero Commander 500 that crashlanded on the out-of-service airfield in Dabajuro, Falcon state in Venezuela, killing the two persons identified as Kelvin Wiliam Leal and Venezuelan police officer Enmanuel Ferrer.

Source: DR1, Diariolibre

Oct 5, 2017

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