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More controls promised for rising illegal immigration

Minister of Interior and Police, Carlos Amarante Baret said last week that the country will strengthen its migratory controls given the “avalanche” of foreigners, mostly Haitians and Venezuelans that have been entering and staying illegally in the country. “We have a migratory regime and we need to establish controls,” he said. “Those who do not have their documents in order do not have the right to walk around the streets of the Dominican Republic,” he warned.

He observed that the Venezuelans are displacing Dominicans in the labor market. Likewise, MetroRD reports that in recent months the Police have arrested several Venezuelans accused of robbery and assaults nationwide.

Nevertheless, Amarante Baret said he would never have a xenophobic position against migration. He argued that people have always migrated, in the same way Dominicans travel seeking other horizons.

In Santiago, city Mayor Abel Martinez has complained about the increase in undocumented Haitian immigration. A recent article in Listín Diario corroborates the city mayor’s observation and reports major problems caused by large numbers of child and teenage beggars circulating on city streets.

A commission of the Central Electoral Board (JCE) met on Friday, 10 February 2017, with Santiago Mayor Abel Martinez regarding the cases of Haitians in possession of forged Dominican citizenship documentation.

Members of the Army reported on Friday having arrested 170 undocumented Haitians in Dominican territory. Among the new arrivals were men, women and children detained at the military checkpoints of Las Matas de Santa Cruz, Santa María and Copey in  Montecristi, and Cañongo and Don Miguel in Dajabón. These persons were taken to the army headquarters in Dajabón for return to Haiti by the Migration authorities.

Senator Dionis Sánchez of the border province of Pedernales complained that his town is every day being more taken over by undocumented Haitian immigrants. He said they are filling the places of hundreds of Dominicans who are leaving the province because of the lack of jobs.

Source: DR1, 7dias

Feb 14, 2017

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