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Ministry of Education conducts evaluation of teacher performance in educational centers of Puerto Plata

PUERTO PLATA.- Since a week ago, the Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic (MINERD) has applied the Teacher Performance Assessment to all the teachers who work in various educational centers of the province of Puerto Plata.

It was learned that among the requirements of this evaluation carried out in all public schools in the country, teachers must demonstrate their professionalism and mastery of their pedagogical practices of the classes in front of their group of students and before an observer in a set time of 45 minutes.

In this sense, the observer is usually an educational technician, from a school district different from the one belonging to the evaluated teacher, who measures the skills and abilities, confirming if the teacher fulfilled his work planning in the foreseen time.

The main objective of the Teacher Evaluation for Performance is to determine the capacity of the teacher and if he / she teaches more than one subject since he / she can select in which he / she wants to be evaluated and the task is to see and then fill an instrument that contains several items that the teacher must abide, as it is to comply with the planned class time and the didactic function and activities in the course.

When the evaluation time ends, the teacher is given a strip, which shows that they have been evaluated and contains the code of the evaluator, in order to make any claim in case the teacher understands it necessary since the classes taught are evaluated taking into account 25 indicators on the teacher’s planning of their lessons and a similar one to assess content management.

The person responsible for observing the process does not share any information with the evaluated, but fills out a response sheet that also contains several questions related to the indicators, which must then be submitted to the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI), the Institute Dominican Educational Quality Evaluation and Research (IDEICE), responsible for the process.

For the classroom observation and assessment file, the observer arrives at the center, duly identified, meets with the director of the educational center and a commission from the agencies responsible for the evaluations and assembles a work schedule.

The plan consists of evaluating four teachers per day, two per round, that is, in an educational center with 35 teachers the evaluation takes two weeks, if there are no problems, given that there are 90 thousand teachers distributed in 87 thousand classrooms at a national level, those that will be evaluated.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

Nov 1, 2017

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