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Medics protest exclusion from health providers

Physicians who offer their services to private clinics marched to the Presidential Palace under the banner of the Dominican Medical Association (CMD). The professionals are protesting that health providers (ARS) are applying administrative measures that negatively impact them professionally. The president of the CMD, Dr. Waldo Ariel Suero, headed the march of the physicians.

The physicians accuse the ARS of excluding several illnesses that should be covered by medical insurance. They also complain ARS-affiliated physicians’ billing rates and fees have not been revised in 10 years.

The physicians also accuse the ARS of barring new medical doctors from registering in the medical plans. They are demanding that the ARSs allow another 15,000 physicians to be listed as authorized healthcare providers so patients with medical insurance plans can have access to their services.

The ARS are regulated by the Superintendence of Health (SISALRIL).

Commenting on the demands, the executive director of the National Health System (SDNS), Dr. Nelson Rodríguez Monegro says he favors that affiliates to the ARS health plans be able to freely choose their providers — physicians, clinics and hospitals. The exception would only be government employees whose practices fall under a different law.

He also favors changes in the system so that all physicians with exequaturs authorized by the government to practice in the Dominican Republic and certified by the different medical specialty societies be given a code and become eligible to offer services to those with medical insurance coverage.  Rodríguez Monegro claims that these changes would benefit young new doctors who, at present, are excluded from the medical insurance system.

Rodríguez Monegro spoke during an interview with Julio Hazim on Revista 110 on Channel 26.

Furthermore, Rodríguez Monegro recommended the government enter into agreements with private medical facilities and pay for these expanded medical services. He said that covering these expanding medical services in private clinics would allow the government to offer better services to patients and create a more efficient healthcare system without having to incur in major investments to install the technologies.

Source: DR1, Lisitndiario

Feb 25, 2017

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