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Mayor calls for acting against undocumented in Santiago

The Mayor of Santiago Abel Martinez called on the immigration authorities to undertake actions to control the entry of thousands of undocumented persons who continue arriving in Santiago, where he says they are taking over plazas, parks and other sectors while the authorities are doing nothing to deal with the situation.

The mayor was answering questions from reporters from the Diario Libre regarding the prohibition that undocumented foreigners occupy spaces in the new flea market operating in El Ingenio. He took advantage of the situation to issue a call in general to the authorities to deal with the illegal entry of Haitians that he says is on the increase in Santiago as well as other nearby towns.

According to the Mayor, the authorities should rigorously apply the normalization process for foreigners, on which this state spent a large amount of resources (more than US $50 million). He said everyday more and more illegal Haitians can be seen on city streets.  “This should not be permitted since the parks are being inundated by illegal foreigners, mostly Haitians, who set up businesses and this is something we’re not going to allow,” he complained.

He argued for the authorities to take some measures so that anyone who is in Dominican territory illegally can be deported to their country of origin, regardless of which country. He added that the Dominican Republic cannot continue accommodating persons who do not pay taxes and who don’t have a residency or legal identification.

He also noted that all the deadlines of the National Plan of Normalization of Foreigners (PNRE) have passed, and it is “now up to government to carry out their responsibilities regarding the deportation of illegal persons in our territory.”

Highly profitable Dominican banks
The governmental BanReservas, Banco Popular and BHD León reaped 78.7% of all the earnings of Dominican banks in 2016. The three leading banks accumulated earnings of RD$17.63 billion last year, as reported in El Dinero.

The Superintendence of Banks (SIB) says that in 2016 bank earnings reached RD$22.39 billion, up from RD$20.85 billion in 2015, or a 7.43% increase.

Source: DR1

Feb 2, 2017

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