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Lifeline proposed to reduce suicides

A 42-year old Colombian woman identified as Maria Andrea García Osorio died after falling from the second floor of Sherry IV located on Av. Enriquillo. She worked for a United Nations agency in the country. She is suspect of having committed suicide. Her case will be added to the growing number of suicide deaths in the Dominican Republic.

Listin Diario reported that in the first half of the year 269 persons committed suicide in the Dominican Republic. In the past decade, 5,664 persons are recorded as having committed suicide.

The suicide toll for 2017 by month is: January (36), February (43), March (35), April (48), May (51), June (56). Of these 231 are men and 38 are women.
Registered suicides have been more than 500 a year from 2007 to 2016. Peak years were 638 in 2012 and 637 in 2011. The most frequent methods used are: hanging, poisoning and firearms.

The Dominican Society of Psychiatry (SDP) proposes to create a National Plan to Prevent Suicides and a toll-free suicide line. “Most people who threaten to take their own life, in fact do not want to die, what they want is help, it’s a cry for help,” said Dr. Julio Chestaro, president of SDP. He said it is necessary to break with the stigma, myths and taboos in mental health care, in order to eradicate the belief that only those who are crazy need to see a psychiatrist or psychologist.”

He suggested that educational campaigns be developed to eliminate such deep-rooted beliefs as that whoever talks of committing suicide will not do so or that in most cases the intention is to manipulate those closest to them, especially in the case of children and teenagers.

“Suicide is not a solution, but mental issues such as depression lead people to believe it is their only option,” said Chestaro. He said that when you talk with and pay attention to a person who has expressed or demonstrated suicidal tendencies, the person appreciates this intervention, because it gives them the opportunity to express their anxieties, fears and frustrations.

The proposal for the lifeline coincided with Sunday, 10 September 2017, commemorating the Global Day for Suicide Prevention, an initiative of the International Association for the Prevention of Suicide (IASP) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Source: DR1, Eldia

Sep 12, 2017

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