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Leptospirosis cases on the rise

So far this year there have been 44 deaths due to leptospirosis and 511 suspected cases, 33 of which have been registered in the last three weeks. This is 14 deaths more than last year to the same date and 206 more suspected cases. Spikes in the disease occur in situations of flooding waters due to intense rains, as has occurred this year.

The Epidemiology Department reminds that leptospirosis is a relatively rare bacterial infection that affects people and animals. It can pass from animals to humans when an unhealed break in the skin is exposed to water or soil that has been contaminated with animal urine. It is not usually transmitted between people.

The Ministry of Public Health is recommending not walking in water that could be contaminated, unless wearing protective boots, eliminating rats from the home and garden areas and ensuring there is no un-contained garbage that might attract rats.

The possibility of an increase in the number of cases of the disease is one of the concerns of the health service that is focusing on preventive measures, especially in communities affected by flooding due to the recent hurricanes Irma and Maria.

According to epidemiological bulletin number 38, which has data up to 23 September 2017, in the last week there have been four suspected cases in the last week, an 18-year old pregnant women in Montecristi, and three men aged 15, 23 and 42 from Valverde, San Juan de la Maguana and Santiago.

Source: DR1, Listindiario

Oct 7, 2017

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