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Legislators are very expensive in the Dominican Republic

Of the 20 countries in Latin America, the Dominican Republic is the third smallest in terms of territory but it has the sixth highest number of legislators.

The country is a little larger than 48,000 square kilometers but has 222 legislators, divided between 190 deputies and 32 senators. On the other hand Bolivia, which is over a million square kilometers had the second highest with 166 legislator (130 deputies and 36 senators).

Costa Rica that at 51,100 square kilometers is slightly larger than the Dominican Republic, has a single chamber congress with only 57 deputies.

According to an analysis carried out by the Regional Center for Sustainable Economic Strategies (CREES) the Dominican Republic has the seventh largest cost for the legislators, with an average of US$13.4 per inhabitant compared to the regional average of US$9.9.

In addition, according to the website for the Chamber of Deputies, in the first half of this year the cost of expenses was RD$110,732,368 when the budget approved for them was only RD$64,138,045.

In the Dominican Republic, before the constitutional reform of 2010, there were 178 deputies based on one for each 50,000 inhabitants or a fraction of more than 25,000. In the 2010 Constitution the number was fixed at 178 based on population plus five elected at national level based on the accumulation of votes and another seven representing Dominicans overseas leading to 190.

As far as the Senate is concerned, there is one senator for each province and the National District leading to 32 members. The two chambers were allocated RD$6,101,737,170 in the 2017 budget.

Source: DR1, Almomento

Dec 3, 2017

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