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Jails in the country are a disgrace

The president of the National Commission for Human Rights in the Dominican Republic (CNDH-RD), Manuel María Mercedes, has said that at present in the country there is no political will to help those in prison and to correct the serious situation in the jails, where the rate of overcrowding is 89.7%. Many inmates are sleeping on the floor.

María Mercedes emphasized that the prison system is facing a difficult situation with the overcrowding making it difficult to comply with the minimum standards of the UN health and safety in prisons.

He said that the prison food is of low quality, there is insufficient water and access to health services scant, with deaths of inmates occurring due to a lack of timely medical assistance.

Meanwhile, executive vice president of the Foundation for Institutionalism and Justice (Finjus), Servio Tulio Castaños Guzmán, said that the state has never been interested in the penitentiary system and this is why the jails have so many problems, including the prevalence of criminal gangs.

Castaños highlighted how La Victoria jail is the one with the most problems, and an example of what a prison should not be. He suggested it be turned into a museum, similar to the jail where the former South African president Nelson Mandela was incarcerated. The president of the CNDH felt that La Victoria should be closed and suggested that President Medina make one of his surprise visits to the 8,973 men held there, with an overcrowding rate of 346.2%.

The vice president of Finjus pointed out that there was what he called a bipolar system with the new jail system and the old, and highlighted that the rate of re-offending was 5% for those in the new system and 50% for those in the old system.

Source: DR1, Listindiario

Nov 23, 2017

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