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Irresponsible cow farmers quickly removed large cow herds in Lomas Mironas after roaming cow caused accident

Early hours of Sunday morning, June 4th, a stray cow ran in front of a vehicle in the pitch dark, on the main community access road in Lomas Mironas, and the crash ended up being deadly for the cow, and caused substantial damage to the gringo’s vehicle. Had the driver been in a lower car or on a motorbike, then the accident may have caused loss of human life instead.

Many Lomas Mironas residents have had close calls with hitting the farmers cows in the past, as well as security guards nearly hitting them while driving their motorbikes to and from work. The farm managers have been warned before by residents to keep their cattle securely fenced in, yet the residents were met with a non-caring and irresponsible attitude, hence the reason for this accident happening.

Very early the same morning, the farmer and his workers quickly tried to cover up the accident, by removing the entire herd of cows (including the dead one) to their cow station in El Choco road across from the Veterinarian clinic. They also quickly removed all cow fodder. Both security guards and farm workers were questioned as to who the cow owner was, but they had obviously been told to keep tight lips (or they were bribed to stay silent), as suddenly no one knew who their own boss was!

The owner of the vehicle is understandably furious about experiencing this level of group irresponsibility and slipperiness from all the Dominicans and Haitians involved in this “owner cover-up”. Both the farmer, his workers and the security staff, have behaved like scared criminals/amigo’s, obviously justifying that “so what, it’s just another rich gringo” so let him spend the RD200.000+  needed to fix his vehicle.

Yet isn’t it amazing that these kind of crooks, when someone accidentally scratches their vehicle, in even a small accident, hypocritically they make a big drama out of their loss and want insane compensations! (especially from Gringo’s)

Another much bigger question is, if they are not stopped, then who’s soon going to die in the next cattle related accident?

To supply further evidence or to share facts about other similar accidents (or close calls nearly hitting these cows) relating to the Lomas Mironas Farmer/s, please write to

Source:  NPN

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  1. Alexa

    Those incidents happen day by day. We see Cows and Horses crossing the Highway. Several times I stopped by at the police station in Sosua reporting the dangerous situation that right now cattles are walking on the Highway asking to send a police control there. The police said Gracias … and did nothing.
    The mayoress of Sosua should advice the police… or talk with the commander of Sosua to go public with this dramatic topic

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