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Influx of Haitians is a thriving business

According to an article in El Dia newspaper, the flow of undocumented Haitians into the Dominican Republic depends to a large part on assistance from Dominicans. The Haitians will walk as well as get lifts from motorcycles or cars to reach their destinations.

The article states that the Haitians will often travel in groups and pay between RD$2,000 and RD$3,000 each to Dominican motorcyclists to take them closer to their destinations. There are also Dominican “guides” who charge up to RD$100,000 per group and each day they can do more than 12 similar journeys, some on motor cycles and some using buses, meaning the business moves more than a million pesos a day.

According to José Pérez Peralta, who lives in Sabana Santiago, near Dajabon that is used as a key point for illegals to enter, part of the money is used to pay bribes to the guards at the military checkpoints.

Normally the trips are made at night, and the guides can be Haitian as well as Dominican – they are called “poteas”.

According to residents in Dajabon, when they wake up at dawn to the sound of dogs barking and open the windows, there is what they described as a sea of Haitians walking or riding down the street, even though there is a military checkpoint nearby.

Cesfront (the Specialized Corps of Frontier Security) say that they are sending back 120 Haitians a day, with 46,565 sent back in the first 6 months of this year, but, they point out, most will try again to see if they have better luck and are not caught.

Source: DR1, Eldia

July 11, 2017

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