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Indotel: 4.5G network is but a marketing ploy

The president of the Dominican Telecommunications Institute (Indotel), José del Castillo Saviñón confirmed the revelation by IT technician Hiddekel Morrison that in the country there is no 4.5G Internet technology. Morrison made the statement after telecom Claro announced it was offering high speed data transmission to clients during a major company marketing event. Claro promoted itself as the only telecom company to offer its clients the fast speed 4.5G connections.

When Morrison called this false advertising, Claro defended its announcement, but later in press advertisements altered the advertising campaign to indicate that the faster service would be possible once the devices were available.

In a TV interview on Hoy Mismo on Color Vision, Del Castillo says the challenge is to make 5G service available to customers in the Dominican Republic, but this has not happened yet. He clarified: “The 4.5G, in a nutshell, is not an International Telecommunications Union (UIT) standard. There is 2, 3, 4, 5G. We are headed in the direction of 5G. That is the goal,” he said on the TV interview. He explained that the 4.5G network “or however you want to call it” does not exist and is a marketing term that means that a company is progressing to faster speeds.”

Del Castilloj said that it is Indotel’s role to ensure there not be false advertising. He said when a company markets a service, this service must be available to consumers so the public can decide the value of the service based on a reality.

Source: DR!, Eldia

Aug 8, 2017

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