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Honoring nation founder Francisco del Rosario Sánchez

In his Twitter account, President Danilo Medina highlighted on Thursday, 9 March that the legacy of Francisco del Rosario Sánchez is still in force. He referred to him as a man who, without seeking anything in return, dreamed and fought for a free, sovereign and independent nation. “Sanchez’s legacy remains in force. His courage and values inspire us every day to serve the Dominican people,” he stated. “We honor his memory working together in this project of nation called Dominican Republic”.

On Thursday, President Medina traveled west to Barahona to visit the Jaime Mota Public Hospital that is under renovation by the OISOE construction division of the Presidency.  Medina was represented by Administrative Minister of the Presidency at the Sánchez commemorative events of the Te Deum and wreath placing ceremony at the Altar de la Patria in the capital city.

Meanwhile, as part of commemorative activities of the 200th anniversary of Dominican nation founding father Francisco del Rosario Sanchez, the Senate also rendered homage to Sánchez in an event led by Senate president Reinaldo Pared Pérez. Senator José Rafael Vargas gave the keynote address that highlighted the contributions Sánchez made to our country’s proclamation of independence in 1844 against Haitian dominance.

Sanchez was born in Santo Domingo on 9 March 1817. When founding father Juan Pablo Duarte was exiled, Sánchez successfully took the lead of the independence movement that culminated with the raising of the Dominican flag on 27 February 1844, marking the start of the Dominican Republic.

After a brief period of turmoil and quick political succession, Pedro Santana exiled the main architects of the independence. Sánchez was exiled in Curacao and was eventually pardoned. He returned to the Dominican Republic in time to see Santana invite Spain to re-occupy the country as a colony in 1861. Sánchez led a force in an attempt to overthrow Santana, but was captured by Santana’s forces and executed that same year.

Before his death, during a trial to which he was subjected, he proclaimed: “To raise the Dominican flag, it was necessary to spill the blood of Sánchez, to lower it also needs Sánchez.”

Sánchez is entombed in the Altar de la Patria mausoleum at the Puerta del Conde in the Colonial City alongside fellow nation founding fathers Juan Pablo Duarte and Matías Ramón Mella.…o_S%C3%A1nchez

Source: DR1, ELnacional

Mar 11, 2017

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