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Health providers make the biggest chunk of cash in health system

A report in Diario Libre, based on a new study on the health care providers’ role in the health system in the Dominican Republic, criticized the present model, concluding that it focuses on treating illnesses, while lending scant attention to preventing illnesses.

Economist Airon Fernandez Gil, of the Fundacion Juan Bosch that carried out the study, said that the leading health care companies and politicians know full well that the money is made when people are sick, not when there are less people getting sick. The report presented by the Fundacion Juan Bosch looks into the high profitability of the system for health providers, known as ARS in the Dominican Republic. These had declared profits of RD$891.1 million a year.

The researcher said that the country spends around 5.8% of GDP in health, but of that total the government only contributes 1.4%, with the rest coming from insurance and individual spending. He said public hospitals are suffering continue deterioration, while the private ARS are taking in the monthly payments made by employers and workers handling more than RD$168 billion in the past 10 years and over RD$24 billion (US$519 million) in profits over this time.

He called the industry parasitical because the ARS do not provide health, are not patients, are not doctors, are not clinics nor manufacture medicines to be making the bulk of the profits.

Source: DR1, DiarioLibre

Dec 5, 2017

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