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Haitians taking over from Dominicans in Montecristi

In the small communities of Palo Verde, Jaramillo, Juliana, Batey Madre, El Gomez, Cabuya, Sanita and Sequia in Montecristi province, which were established years ago, are now only occupied by Haitians, almost all undocumented, because the original inhabitants decided to leave.

According to provincial governor, Marcelino Cordero, the Dominicans slowly began to realize that it was almost impossible to survive there due to the lack of attractively-paying jobs and the increase in the level of crime.

In these areas there is no police station, no electricity nor drinking water and a very poor road exists to reach them. The main source of work is on banana plantations, where the harvested produce is exported. There is also other work on the other farms but for very low wages.

Due to the almost total lack of Dominicans, especially in Jarmillo and Juliana, the Ministry of Education decided to close the schools as no children were attending. Given the situation, the Haitians began to arrive in large numbers and take over the homes previously occupied by Dominicans as even though the living conditions are so poor. The Haitian residents say, however, that their living conditions are better in these communities than what they experienced in Haiti.

Source: DR1, Elnacional

Mar 7, 2017

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