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Former judge opposes extending legalization plan

Former judge Juan Miguel Castillo told reporters that if the government extends the permits issued to foreigners, mostly Haitians, seeking to regularize their status this would be in violation of the Constitution. Castillo said that the law that created the National Foreigner Legalization Plan (PNRE), Law 169-14, and Decree 327-14 gave a time frame for required documents to be submitted. This time expired more than two years ago and another extension would be in violation of the law.

Castillo speculates that thousands of ID cards have been forged and now the Migration Agency (DGM) does not know who has the legal ID cards.

The comments were made by Castillo given that the most recent extension granted by the Medina administration to those issued the temporary residence permits has expired. The temporary permits are not contemplated in Dominican migration legislation.

The Dominican Republic is under international pressure to extend the program. Nevertheless, the main obstacle to the implementation of the legalization of the Haitians has been that the government of Haiti has not been issuing the necessary identity documents (birth certificates or passports) for its citizens. Most people that live in Haiti are undocumented.

An editorial in El Día reveals that of 250,241 foreigners that requested to legalize their status under the National Foreigner Legalization Plan (PNRE) in 2014-2015, only 7,834 were able to complete the process. The editorial makes the point that no country anywhere in the world can grant migratory status to a person that does not have identity documents from the country of origin. And that is why it is essential that Haiti meet their responsibility.

The editorial indicates that to date, the Embassy of Haiti in the Dominican Republic has delivered 39,000 Haitian birth certificates and 30,000 passports to citizens that have applied under the PNRE. Around 240,000 persons, mostly Haitians, nevertheless, have not been able to file the documents to meet the PNRE requirements.

Source: DR1, Elnacional

July 20, 2017

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