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Foreigner registration time limit is up

On Monday 17 July 2017, the extension granted for status regularization to 143,000 foreigners who registered under the National Plan for Foreigner Status Legalization (PNRE) expired. The PNRE dates back to 2014-2015.

The foreigners, mostly Haitians, were given the extra time to present the required documentation. The main obstacle to the regularization of the Haitians has been delays of the Haitian authorities in providing basic identification documents.

Many Haitians living in Haiti do not possess legal identity documents. So, when these undocumented individuals migrate to the Dominican Republic to earn a living, their legal status is tenuous and they face difficulty fully participating in Dominican society. For example, while these undocumented workers may access basic public services, they cannot open bank accounts or own property. In addition, undocumented foreigners may not enjoy all the protections afforded by the Dominican justice system to resolve legal disputes.

The Haitian authorities say they are working on assisting their citizens in becoming compliant with the residency requirements and in June they have distributed 11,593 passports to Haitians, for a total of 15,071 passports issued of those requested, or around 11%.

The Ministry of Interior and Police says that of 288,467 requests for status legalization made under the PNRE, 87% were admitted to continue the process, but most met with difficult to meet the requirements to complete the process because of delays in Haiti in issuing essential identification documents. The Ministry says that 20,176 beneficiaries of the PNRE did not return to pick up their provisional residence cards.

Last year a new extension was granted to 143,000 beneficiaries that had not deposited the documentation. The Ministry reports that the National Migration Council would meet on 25 July 2017 to review the future of the beneficiaries of the PNRE.

Source: DR1, DiarioLibre

July 18, 2017

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