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Extortion over autopsies

Pathologist Sergio Sarita Valdez has revealed that many families who have lost a relative in a manner that requires an autopsy to be carried out, are often victims of extortion by the Institute of Forensic Pathology. The families need to pay in order to be returned the bodies. By law, autopsies need to be performed in non-natural deaths.

Sarita Valdez, who used to be the director of the Institute, said that due to the large number of violent deaths in the country, there are not sufficient Forensic Pathology resources, neither people nor materials, to handle these cases, which means there is limited capacity to conduct an autopsy in one day, unless it is an important case and due to the potential repercussions, the authorities want the process to be carried out quickly.

Being interviewed by Héctor Herrera Cabral in the program D´ Agenda on Channel 11, Valdez explained that given the number of cases, there has to be a type of raffle system to decide if the victim died as result of an event that does not need an autopsy.

He added that no one actually knows how long the body will be in pathology, so when a family member asks about their relative, they are told the autopsy will be carried out the day after next, and then the family member asks what they have to do to have the body immediately returned to them and that is where the opportunity for extortion begins.

Source: DR1, Almomento

Nov 23, 2017

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