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Easier said than done: Charging Haitians to give birth

Administrative Minister of the Presidency José Ramón Peralta said the government has plans to start charging foreigners that visit public hospitals to give birth. The announcement comes at a time when the number of Haitians coming to give birth at Dominican hospitals is on the rise.

Public hospitals on the border reportedly serve more women from Haiti than from the Dominican Republic. Birthing tourism cartels sell the service in Haiti, dropping the women off at the different hospitals on their route. Former consul of Haiti in the Dominican Republic, Edwin Paraison, told El Dia newspaper that the groups that organize the birthing tours charge RD$3,000 for the transfer to the public hospitals.

Peralta says in all other countries around the world foreigners pay for the service, including Haiti itself where they have to pay to give birth at a public hospital, as reported in El Dia. Peralta, nevertheless, did not say how this could be enforced in the case of indigent Haitian women that arrive in labor to the emergency rooms of Dominican public hospitals.

A story in El Dia, says that Haitian doctors in Haiti refer their patients to Dominican public hospitals on the border (mainly the Elio Fiallo in Pedernales and General Malenciano in Jimaní) as if these were extensions of the Haitian public health system. Socrates Mancebo, director of the Elio Fiallo Public Hospital in Pedernales said that the women arrive every day, without their medical files, only referred by the Haitian physicians in Creole. Esperanza Cuaba, director of the General Malenciano Public Hospital in Jimaní said they have hired staff to help translate from Creole to assist the Haitian women that come to give birth. She said of 20 births assisted at the hospital so far this month, 16 have been to Haitian women.

Source: DR1, Eldia

Aug 30, 2017

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