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Dr. Linares (Sosua) died as result of severe head blow from a Dominican woman

Based on testimony of wife’s friend.

Approximately one week ago, Dr. Linares (also known as the US doctor across from Supermarket Pola in Sosua) was paid a visit by an angry Dominican woman in his clinic. During an argument she proceeded to hit the doctor over his head with some kind of metal object. Despite the severe blow to his head, he managed to throw the woman out. Following this, the lump on his head grew rapidly, and they proceeded to CMC hospital where he was admitted. The following day the doctor slipped into a coma, and on the 3rd day he passed away.

To make matters worse, after the attack on Dr. Linares, when the wife was returning from the hospital (heading to supposedly to report the crime), she was captured by the reckless Immigration personnel carrying out their “hunt the gringo” raids. Once released, she the next day mainly focused on her husband’s situation, and then supposedly was shrugged off by the police for not reporting the incident immediately.

According to her friends they know the woman’s name and where she resides. They have now involved a lawyer and hope to finally make some progress with the case, despite the police trying to rick it in the bin as though it was the old traffic dispute.

Source: NPN

Feb 12, 2017

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  1. swooperman

    I am friend of the Doctor and his wife and I ask everyone that has a heart to drop in and offer a little bit of help to his poor widow April. She is flat broke. She has some land assets etc but nothing liquid. She smokes cigarette and is desperate to have some. I bought her some basic groceries and a pack of smokes. April is devastated by these recent events and she needs our love. No gift is too small. Just drop in to the office which is attached to her residence cross from Super Polla. BIG red cross in front that you can’t miss.

  2. swooperman

    my name is Douglas Lord by the way and you can contact me at 809-722-0124 or

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