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Dominicans lack confidence in institutions and people

The report, from Latinobarómetro Corporation 2017, has revealed that Dominicans have a high degree of skepticism or mistrust in public institutions. The report was carried out in a large part of Latin America and it questions the credibility these organizations have throughout the region including the Dominican Republic.

According to the survey, when asked if they could trust the majority of people, or that one had to take care in all such matters, only 11% of people said that most people were trustworthy.

The report went on to say that they could only trust the church with 75% stating that, then the Armed Forces with 42%, trust in the government was only 28%, police 24%, Central Electoral Board 23%, Judicial Branch 22%, Congress 23% and political parties 15%.

The report also places the Dominican Republic only behind Venezuela and Paraguay in regards to the perception that government officers take bribes. The perception is that 56% for the police, 49% for judges and 50% for government officers. In Chile, the rates are 17% for police and judge and 19% for government officers.

Commenting on the poll to Diario Libre reporters, Vice President Margarita Cedeño recognized the significant number of robberies in the country, but said the government is instating new security measures. She said the poll reflects a perception or momentary photograph and depends on who is providing the data. Nevertheless, she said the government is always open to these reports as they help to continue improvements.

Servio Tulio Castaños Guzmán, also interviewed on the poll by Diario Libre reporters, said that it should not be a surprise to anyone that the country ranked second in corruption and insecurity. He said the poll reflects what the people feel and that the results should call the attention of politicians to seek corrections to the situation.

Source: DR1, DiarioLibre

Dec 3, 2017

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