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Director of Casa de Arte de Sosúa was assaulted in day light in the center of Sosua

PUERTO PLATA.- At noon yesterday, the executive director of Casa de Artes of Sosua, who was ambushed by two criminals armed with sharp knives who after snatching her wallet fled on board a passola.

In the report provided by the journalist Júnior Henríquez, he reports that the assault perpetrated against Mrs. Albania Chaljud Then occurred exactly at 11:50 am when the two antisocial intercepted her on Alejo Martinez Street, in a few meters from Banco Popular.

The criminals put a knife to her neck and pulled out her a wallet that contained some cash, credit cards, and personal documents.

Minutes later, the assaulted lady described through her Facebook account the criminal act where she became a victim. She became a victim of statistical robberies, being one more number, and it raises an impotence to her that she could not defend herself from these attackers. Life is vulnerable…

“With a knife in hands, two youngsters intercepted me and one of them shouted at me … Gringa, pass the wallet! … And I said: Nooo, this is a joke. But the delinquent tried to turn me around and twisted my arm, throwing me on the ground, then shouted in a voice of a murderer … If I move, he will nail me with a knife. At that moment I realized that it was a robbery,” said Chaljud Then.

He said that in a single second he restrained herself and thought: “Albania be quiet, do not turn back to see those criminals, do not insult them and do not face them, nor advise them as they are not your children, hand over the damn wallet.”

She said that while the two bandits were running with her wallet in their hands, she sat on the road thinking about her daughters and what awaits this malnourished society, in spite the fact that she has lost her belongings, she is still alive.

The allegations of criminal acts in Sosua, on the contrary grow after the arrival of dozens of police agents that supposedly are part of 911, but they hit the streets to mount terror and abuse citizens who return from their work. They run a practice of arresting and beating the innocent ones, acting like a terror squad, because those who sell drugs continue without anyone daring to stop them.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital, Detras del Rumor, NPN

June 3, 2017

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