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Daniel Pou urges change in border surveillance

Security expert Daniel Pou says the Dominican military have failed the country in regards to border security. Pou says profiteering has prevailed before national interests among the military stationed at the border.

Pou recommended the military no longer be left in charge of border security. He says they have done little to control illegal activities at the border. “I have always seen low returns for how immigration at the border is administered by the military. I have always believed that a police force with a good accountability in the border area should be created, and that the military act in the second line,” he said.

Pou said that the country has more than 40 years counting on the military to stop illegal immigration. But when you go to the border you realize that “the military are conducting business with the national sovereignty.”

He also criticized the recent announcement of posting of military at the public hospitals on the border, supposedly to discourage Haitian women from coming to give birth. Pou said the posting of military at the public hospitals is an ethical clash for the doctors who have a commitment to assist all patients regardless of migratory, economic, race or religious status. Pou said that if any action is taken to impede a woman from having access to giving birth at a hospital could be used by international media against the country.

Pou said that not even at private clinics dare to deny assistance to a woman who comes to give birth, regardless whether the person has medical insurance or not.

He argued that the presence of undocumented Haitians coming to give birth in Dominican hospitals is a consequence of the poor surveillance work of the armed forces in their task of preventing the arrival of undocumented immigrants from the neighboring nation.

Source: DR1, Listindiario

Sep 5, 2017

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