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Corruption major problem according to Gallup poll

According to a findings in a just released Gallup poll carried out for Hoy newspaper, a high number of citizens, some 89%, feel that the level of corruption in Dominican society is very alarming.

16% attributed corruption to a lack of employment, 13% to poor government administration, 10% to crime, 9% to consumption and dealing in drugs, 7% to the ambition of people wanting money and 6% to impunity.

Of those consulted, 67% said that they believed that something could be done to stop corruption, although 31.4% said that nothing could be done to prevent it.

The survey revealed that 60.2% of the population believes that when they vote in the elections it doesn’t matter who they vote for as all of the candidates would be corrupt.

When it comes to fighting corruption, those polled said that they believe that the political parties and the judicial system are the worse qualified to investigate these crimes.

Those polled have poor opinions about several government institutions and officers, including 68.6% re political parties; 60.6% judges, 59.3% National Police, 59% prosecutors; 58% the Presidency of the Republic; 55.7% the Attorney General’s Office’ 54.3% National Congress; 52.7% the Supreme Court of Justice.

The press gets a better score, with 61.2% saying the press does a good job in fighting corruption. Next are evangelical churches with 60.8% and the Catholic Church with 59.6%.

Looking at other issues, 34% of those interviewed know someone with a government job who does not go to work, only 10% of those who knew about acts of corruption had complained about them, 17% think that there are times when it isn’t bad to disobey the law.

Looking at bribery, 37.7% said that they had been asked for a bribe by members of the National Police, 11.5% from local governments and 8.2% from political parties and Amet.

The survey revealed that the main problems affecting the country are robbery, assaults and crime (71.3%), followed by administrative corruption (34.6%) and lack of jobs (32.5%). This was followed by the high cost of living and inflation (28.8%), power cuts (10.5%) and education (9%).
Source: DR1, Hoy

Nov 1, 2017

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