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Consulate alerts Dominican residents living in US not to travel

The Dominican Consulate in New York is recommending that Dominican nationals who are residents in the United States who may have committed any kind of an infraction, regardless of how minor, postpone travel abroad due to the uncertainties following the recent migratory measures announced by the Trump Administration. In addition, the Consulate recommends that Dominicans living in the US should seek legal counsel if they are applying for US citizenship and have committed any infraction. The Consulate says those who do cannot afford counsel should contact the Manhattan Coalition for Immigrant Rights.

The Consulate advises Dominicans who have traveled abroad and are returning through US immigration to not sign any document in which they resign their residency (I-407). The Consulate says the persons have the right to first appear before an immigration judge for their case to be heard prior to their residency being revoked. The signing of the document could start a deportation procedure.

New York.- Dozens of Dominicans returning from their country to the US are being taken aside and questioned at length by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials, whose officers, after incessant interrogation, offer them Form 407, used as a waiver of residence.

Even without having a criminal record, many have been asked to sign the document and return to the Dominican Republic on the next available flight, paid by the US government.

Local media report that the incidents occur more frequently at Kennedy, Miami, Newark and Logan airports, among others with large Dominican communities.

Dominican reporter Miguel Cruz Tejada, who returned from his country on a Delta flight Jan. 24, said ICE officers along the concourse at Kenney grilled each passenger about departures and reentries and what they were doing in the Dominican Republic.

“This case illustrates dozens of others in which Dominicans and Dominicans, permanent residents, have been equally harassed and besieged by US immigration police, in the aftermath of president Donald Trump´s executive orders,” Cruz said.

In response to the complaints, the Dominican Consulate in New York on Monday began issuing warnings to Dominican with criminal records against traveling to their country.

Source: DR1, DT

Feb 7, 2017

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