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Conjunctivitis outbreak is viral

The director of Public Health Management at the Ministry of Public Health, José Manuel Puello explained on Tuesday, 30 May 2017, that the probable causes of the conjunctivitis outbreak in the Dominican Republic are two viruses ¬ adenovirus and coxsackie.

Puello explained that while many people believe that the actual eye secretions have to be transferred to transmit the virus, the disease can be transmitted by someone who is just standing close to a person with the infection, or a person speaking to someone who has the virus. The disease can even be spread to others via droplets of saliva that are in the breath of the infected person who is talking.

He urged the population to continue preventive measures such as hand washing, not rubbing eyes with hands and not sharing personal items such as towels and eye glasses.

Adenovirus belongs to a group of viruses that can affect membranes, respiratory tissues, eyes, intestines and can also cause diarrhea.

Conjunctivitis normally goes away on its own after five days. Dr. Puello urged those affected to wash their hands and not self medicate. He said to see a doctor if the symptoms worsen.

Source: Dr1, Eldia

June 3, 2017

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