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Claro launches ‘4.5G’ network in Dominican Republic

America Movil (AM) backed Claro Dominicana has announced that it has launched ‘4.5G’ technology in a total of 32 cities. The network, which aggregates 2×20MHz spectrum blocks in the 1700MHz/2100MHz AWS band, and utilises a 4×4 multiple-input, multiple-output (4×4 MIMO) configuration, is said to be capable of delivering downlink transmission speeds of up to 390Mbps to end-users. Cities covered at launch include the likes of: Santo Domingo, Santiago, La Vega, San Cristobal, San Pedro de Macoris and La Romana.


Hiddekel Morrison: 4.5G is not available in the DR
Hiddekel Morrison says Claro’s 4.5G recent announcement is fake advertising. Local technology expert Hiddekel Morrison disputed the new Claro telecom promotion that they are offering 4.5G technology to their mobile customers. Morrison said that the Claro service reaches a maximum of 390 megabits per second, much slower than the 1,000 Mb per second of 4.5G service. In an interview with El Día, Morrison said that Claro just has 4G service.

In the past, Orange announced they would be offering 4G service and had to retract themselves at the time.

Source: DR1, Eldia

Claro’s answer to disputed 4.5G service
Claro had announced the start of the 4.5G fast speed mobile service in the Dominican Republic. The service start, nevertheless, was promptly disputed by IT technician Hiddekel Morrison who said the company has only capacity to offer speeds of 390Mbps and not the 1,000 Mbps identified with 4.5G.

The company responded accepting that at present (20 July 2017) they only have capacity offer speeds of 390Mbps.

Says Claro:
“In our 4.5 G network with a carrier (a frequency segment) of 20 MHz in DL and 20 MHz in UL we can get a maximum speed of 390 Mbps. When adding a second carrier (when available), the maximum speed would increase to 780 Mbps and if we add a third carrier would obtain a theoretical maximum speed greater than 1 Gbps,”

El Dia reports that both the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (Indotel) and ProConsumidor, the consumer defense agency, would be investigating claims that Claro has incurred in false advertising regarding the start of the 4.5G technology for their customers.

Another expert, Pavel de Camps said that in the Dominican Republic still the 4G service is deficient and degraded.

Source: DR1, Eldia

July 20, 2017

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