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Charcoal-making operations on the border with Haiti

Diario Libre journalists went west over the 16 August holiday to learn more about charcoal-making operations on the border with Haiti. Haiti is a major importer of the charcoal made in the Dominican Republic, leading to major deforestation and destruction of animal and bird habitats.

The reporters employed a drone to photograph many of the charcoal ovens near the Enriquillo Lake that is part of the Parque Nacional Lago Enriquillo e Isla Cabritos, both also part of the Jaragua-Bahoruco-Enriquillo Biosphere Reserve, now expanded to include areas in Haiti.

The Ministry of Environment says that every week Ministry staff seizes dozens of bags of charcoal, ovens are destroyed and people are stopped from starting new ovens. Responding to the report in Diario Libre, Domínguez Brito said the Ministry has declared war on charcoal production from the prevention of illegal logging, to the persecution of those who produce the charcoal and cracking down on the underground marketing chain at hundreds of points of sale nationwide.

Domínguez Brito said that most of the charcoal produced in the country is exported to Haiti where 75% of households still use it to cook their food.

“It is not a matter that we are going to leave in a folder, it is not a matter of operations. It is a whole array in which we are putting a lot of energy, a lot of will and a lot of surrender… a test that we will surpass for the sustainability of the country. So we ask for support and trust,” he told Diario Libre reporters.

See the impressive photos of deforestation and charcoal ovens and read more at:…gico-LI7947940

Source: DR1

Aug 22, 2017

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