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Can tuk-tuk taxi replace motoconcho?

On Facebook page ‘SosĂșa mi pueblo’ the discussion was started: Should motoconcho be replaced by tuk-tuk? In Charamicos such a tricycle showed up. The editors of ‘SosĂșa mi pueblo’ asked readers to comment on the use of this vehicle as a replacement for moto-taxis.

Almost all reactions were positive. The vehicle is much safer and more comfortable for the passenger. Many motoconchos drive like crazy through the streets, and with this vehicle it is less possible. More passengers can be transported at the same time. As a result, the fare can be lower. A disadvantage is that therefore unemployment rises among motoconchos. In Samana these roof covered vehicles have been in use successfully for many years.

Source: Sosua News

Feb 16, 2017

Example of similar taxi in Havana, Cuba (the picture is sent by one of our readers)

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  1. Alexa

    Those vehicles are existing in Cuba since a long time: but much nicer, very lovely and elegant: the so called Cocotaxi… they come in a pretty yellow.

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